Cardio Step

Is a form of aerobic exercise using an elevated platform(the step)on which you have to get up at a certain alternative rithm. Like other forms of exercises, cardio step help burn calories and fat which have benefits for metabolism, increased heart resistance, lower cholesterol and blood pressure.


The functional and holistic training developed by Robert Steinbacher without equipment! deepWORK is athletic, easy, exhausting, unique and yet quite different from all known programmes – a workout from five elements and full of energy! deepWORK® draws on the principles of Yin and Yang, combining the physical and mental contrasts of functional training.


Toning is a aerobic class that comprise basic features of aerobics combined with other exercises involving mainly the abdominal muscles, buttocks, lower back and thighs.

Fit Mix

As the name calls it, this workout combines varied, static and dynamic elements, from weight-to-weight exercises, giant ball or weights. It is a moderate to intense workout that benefits metabolism, essential for the weight loss process, increase heart resistance, and improve overall fitness.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

It's an intense workout that will take you out of the comfort zone and speed up your metabolism. It is run over time intervals or alternate repatriations / series with short return times. This training targets all muscle groups.


It is an easy to moderate workout that has many benefits metabolism besides team spirit and pleasant atmosphere, music having a very important role. The exercises are performed at a dynamic pace, varied choreography through which we develop aerobic endurance, speed and coordination.